Aluminum Eldorado with Practical Tactile Christ.

Rest Area

Postcard from Warbler Park

Pieta (with Blue Marlin)


Kooka w/ Wireless Remote-Controlled Hexacontatetragon Yo-Yo

Wherefore Art Tao

Mule and Architecture

Another Tom, Another Place

This is Not a Blue-Ribbon Black Angus Hovering Above a Field of Poppies

Nothing Is Ever What It Is

1/2 of Abraham Lincoln

Synaptic Frost and Fire

Accidents Will Happen

Madonna with Yellow Jacket


Duck and Globe

Satan Claus


Aluminum Eldorado (with Practical Tactile Christ)

Oh, I could wish upon a star...

For an eternity amid magnificent mansions within gated communities with daily games of croquet played upon manicured lawns along streets of holy gold...

Playing a toy xylophone while floating on a cloud. Prostrating day after day to the World's Most Famous Jew.

But no. I prefer to defect to oblivion anonymously polished on the grille of a speeding Peterbilt,

Obliterate instantly, entirely, insignificantly;

Splattering this surplus molecular matter into every conceivable hole and smoke;

While all around the usual zombies repeatedly kill die lie cry and compete to be The Most Famous Ketchup Stain on Gods Favorite Tie.

Not I.

I'd rather fly high above these crude rubrics of mind, myth and moods of Self, altogether;

Forever, therefore, inextricably departed into sparkling Quarks of Orange and Water; into the remarkable Particles of fresh new Dolphins, Jaguars.

I'd rather diminish again silently into the Secret Sugar Frosting of carbon-based Star materials,

Sprinkled ever so lightly over Her every Breakfast Cereal;

Into Ice, Bamboo or Saturn.