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It's too late to save America. Too late to save it, pointless to try. Itís a venture tantamount to a pathetic exercise in futility; like continuing to play the oboe in an orchestra tumbling down the deck of the Titanic as it lurches vertical.

And don't even start with the "Make America Great Again" horseshit. Nothing great is ever meant to last. And nothing is ever very great while it exists. It only becomes great when itís behind us, in the rear view mirror; when it becomes mythologized by time; when we become nostalgic for it compared to the dystopian shit show that replaced it. Like a tragic past relationship erroneously idealized in the present; you may have forgotten why it had to end, but at the time you knew that it absolutely must. Likewise, America has to end.

Actually itís already ended. Today America exists solely for the sake of its push-button military technology playing Whack-A-Mole in the Middle East for its favorite "ally." But that's another shit show.

Today, Americans are afraid. They are being guided and divided by fear. They are afraid of "terrorists " who, according to their leaders, are everywhere in the world; from deep caves in the Middle East to the high schools of middle America. Terrorists are now as ubiquitous as once were the demon spirits haunting poor ignorant souls of the Dark Ages. And just as those people were plagued by disease and demonic possession, today, Americans are plagued by viral mutations and terrorists. And like the ignorant masses of the past, Americans live in morbid fear of things they cannot see, much less define; from terrorists who could be anyone, anywhere, to an invisible spirit of death they're told may be prevented from possessing their bodies by the mandatory injection of magical, unfamiliar spirits, and the routine application of a paper mask.

Americans fear saying what they think, and fear others saying what they think. So they attempt to censor themselves and each other out of fear of having or hearing the wrong opinion. Indeed, Americans would rather gaze down into their cell phones than talk or even look at each other. And they are forgetting how to do both. One more generation of this campaign of anti-socialization and American society will have been almost imperceptibly exchanged for the ontological terminus of state-controlled trans-humanism and the consensual preference for a simulated substitution which will safely insulate them from any further responsibility, any further freedom.

Americans today exhibit a general pattern of disturbance similar to that of a domestic herd of cattle spooked by a thunderstorm. But this level of agitation has been instigated and sustained, the level and intensity of fear calculated and manipulated; the herd now moving en masse in more or less unison to every discordant tune being played, and thereby precisely validating the elite's claims of moral, intellectual and spiritual superiority, and thus, the necessary imposition of responsibility and authority over the less fortunate, genetically-inferior domesticated beasts of burden. Thus, Americans are imprisoned within a darkened theater of 24/7 psychological warfare they are unable to resist; rendered hapless, distracted and disoriented by constant feeds of media fear-porn live-streamed into their traumatized, bovine minds, in real-time.

America, the whole world knows that your dominant Imperialist power, pervading now every corner of the planet, results only from your insatiable lust for war and greed for resources. America, you have become the instrument of the very demonic forces you'd promised to always protect us from. And the only congressional unanimity you ever display is the ease with which it is agreed to continuously sacrifice and bankrupt your own citizens by spending their expendable blood and money on your always-see-thru, always miraculously bi-partisan, corporate/CIA sponsored, media-driven world view; with every handsome talking head and Chicken Little gesture meant to compel us all to unquestionably accept this eternal damnation of endless ďWar on Terrorism,Ē and the perpetuation of invisible, ever-mutating pandemic variants determined to possess our souls and destroy our bodies, for all our damned lives.

For all our damned lives we are to be continuously conditioned to believe there is never to exist the slightest hope of peace and harmony ever in this world. Indeed, peace can never be, because peace doesn't turn a profit. And this, even in the light of unmentionable suspicions that our own priests, politicians, pop stars, professors, preachers, and pretend-journalists lie to us constantly. And like stunted bovine content to graze quietly, obliquely on the hillside, we complacently, obediently abide.

Political power?

What political power? Your politicians lie directly to your face all the time, and by now you not only expect it, you've come to accept it. It's a theater of sociopolitical deceit that's been normalized. So, when they lie again, and you and/or your children have to pay for whatever disaster follows, whose fault will it be?

Oh, of course. You were innocent, you were misled, deceived, you simply changed your mind, or itís because of this or that trendy new psychological condition for which you may require trendy new pharmaceuticals. Itís never your fault for continuously coming to erroneous conclusions about everything from interpersonal relationships, to sexual confusion, to international political issues, to why your country requires the perpetual subsidization and maintenance of military bases all over the world. Never your fault. After 20 years you still can't locate an Iraq or Afghanistan on a map. Why? Because it's easier to just believe what you are told than to take the initiative to educate yourself, even if you have access to all the knowledge in the world literally in the palm of your hand.

But you have good excuses. Some days you find yourself inconveniently taxed with the task of inanely deliberating over which of the 200 fucking toothpastes, on 50 yards of shelving, will cover all the essential criteria your family uniquely requires for squeaky clean dental hygiene. Because, after all, your family is so very extra special.

Part Two: Life is Hard