Rest Area

Postcard from Warbler Park

Pieta (with Blue Marlin)


Another Tom, Another Place

Kooka w/ Wireless Remote-Controlled Hexacontatetragon Yo-Yo


Wherefore Art Tao

Mule and Architecture

Aluminum Eldorado w/ Practical Tactile Christ

This is Not a Blue-Ribbon Black Angus Hovering Above a Field of Poppies

Synaptic Frost and Fire

Duck and Globe

Accidents Will Happen

Madonna with Yellow Jacket

Satan Claus

1/2 of Abraham Lincoln


Aristotle, Diocletian and St. Augustine
Found dissatisfaction with the Civilized World.
And, attempting to find some
Ancient Spiritual-Mineral in the design of Delicate Chaos,
Claimed to see a vision of a glowing Diesel Engine rotating in the Magnetic Sky;
A beautiful and useful,
Exotic and appealing
Emblazoned with the motto which translated read,
"Nothing Is Ever What It Is."