Rest Area

Postcard from Warbler Park


Another Tom, Another Place

Kooka w/ Wireless Remote-Controlled Hexacontatetragon Yo-Yo

Nothing Is Ever What It Is

Mule and Architecture

1/2 of Abraham Lincoln

Aluminum Eldorado w/ Practical Tactile Christ

Accidents Will Happen

This is Not a Blue-Ribbon Black Angus Hovering Above a Field of Poppies

Synaptic Frost and Fire

Wherefore Art Tao


Duck and Globe

Madonna with Yellow Jacket

Satan Claus


Pieta (with Blue Marlin)

I alone now gladly sacrifice your lambs, your laws, your pseudo-saviors with ever intensifying desire having

Suffered a lifetime of all your God Damned spiritual, political, parental, educational, judgemental, psychological terrorisms;

All your fits of frustrated reason; all your final fallacious Appeals to Force; your forever static (when not utterly backward) Grand Narratives;

All your elitist and priestly-class language games rendering me lame in the face of your courts, economies and states.

To evade your merciless infliction's of pains and damnations; like horses totally broken we've gone down so very low to obey.

But I decided I'd be neither fluid nor food to all current past and future Vishnus;
Neither would I ever be phonetically, nor kinetically

dis-c o n n e c t-ed;
(nor quite
for that matter )

to-from Fish
or gh o s t s, but

aesthetically skeptical; now Dynami cally Synchronized, sensing fewer Trends
- Detail s...
quite fully AnnuLEd
of All Ultimate Principles.

Yet VishNu Zooms through Cartoon Rooms,
suSpen d e d in Brite Illu sions ;
Magically actiVa ted ,
Cali brate d as it were,
In the dark Arts of phosphorescent Avatar s ; compulsive ly jumpstarting the RemarK a b l e , Spark L ing
Jag uar par ticles whilst

Pixelating the FlickeRing ShiVas
(and all such other sacred Animations imposing VirtUal El e mentals
from private stoc ks of Chaos in service of the blind and desperate Bacchanalia s of Tomorrow.)