Rest Area

Postcard from Warbler Park

This is Not a Blue-Ribbon Black Angus Hovering Above a Field of Poppies

Synaptic Frost and Fire

Pieta (with Blue Marlin)

1/2 of Abraham Lincoln

Accidents Will Happen


Another Tom, Another Place

Kooka w/ Wireless Remote-Controlled Hexacontatetragon Yo-Yo


Wherefore Art Tao

Aluminum Eldorado w/ Practical Tactile Christ

Nothing Is Ever What It Is

Duck and Globe

Madonna with Yellow Jacket


Satan Claus

He use to only see you when you were sleeping and knew when you were awake. However, after years of intensive psychotherapy and bi-monthly sessions of electro-shock therapy, he's no longer required to wear an ankle bracelet when passing through school zones.

But then, you've both changed over the years. Haven't you?

Now Satan Claus has your DNA samples stored in a secret compound deep beneath a glacier near the North Pole.

This, of course, is where all "good children" go... and are forcefully cloned into subservient hybrid species often resembling rodentia.

The vault, laboratories and compound itself now under 24 hour surveillance by highly-trained military personnel expert in logistical analysis and Black Site experimentation (formerly known as MK Ultra) now under the direct command and management of one Rudolph the Psy-Ops Reindeer, who you've never seen nor heard of before (as per generations of CIA media control).

Remember kids. Rudolph is not your friend.