Rest Area

Postcard from Warbler Park

Synaptic Frost and Fire

Pieta (with Blue Marlin)

Another Tom, Another Place


Wherefore Art Tao

Kooka w/ Wireless Remote-Controlled Hexacontatetragon Yo-Yo


1/2 of Abraham Lincoln

Aluminum Eldorado w/ Practical Tactile Christ

Nothing Is Ever What It Is

Duck and Globe

Accidents Will Happen

Madonna with Yellow Jacket

Satan Claus


This Is Not A Blue Ribbon Black Angus Hovering Over A Field of Poppies
You've never tried to demonstrate to a hypnotic that a Black Angus is not a Volvo. According to our extensive research, it would be impossible to demonstrate such a thing.

You'll only end up agreeing that neither is a Volvo a Volvo. It only SEEMS to be a Volvo. Well, that's just what the Black Angus is, something that SEEMS to be.

So, who can ever prove that something is not something else, when neither is something else some other thing?

There's nothing to prove.*

*Homage to
Charles Fort